ChinaJoy: Game Companies in China Focusing on IPR

Intellectual property rights (IPRs) have become one of the highlights of this year’s China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy).

The annual game fair has expanded this year to 800 exhibitors showcasing over 3,500 products, with the organizers announced more than 273,000 visitors during the four-day event. Tencent, one of the leading internet companies for online games, is presenting its games along with comics, animation and video products at this year’s ChinaJoy. The company also plans 13 video game competitions during the fair, including that of the popular game “League of Legends.” Search engine Baidu, represented by its mobile game unit, is also displaying a wide range of products at the fair this year, such as its mobile phone apps, an Android game platform and its “literature” site.

Baidu also unveiled its IPR-related solution during the fair, which helps game developers identify and acquire rights to stories and characters for game adaptation, and offers analysis that can be used to build successful products. Intellectual property rights have been a hot topic among several executives attending a summit held along with ChinaJoy on July 29, with Tencent chief operating officer Mark Ren repeatedly mentioning “building star IPR.”

Longtu Game founder Yang Shenghui said the sector has turned its attention to acquiring the rights to Japanese amine or local TV series and movies, because it has become more difficult to create a successful new game from scratch.

First seen at: Want ChinaTimes