Capcom has come out to say it could be “fatal” not to leverage the many opportunities that digital allows for according to a report at Gamespot.

Haruhiro Tsujimoto capcomCapcom president and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto offered his take on the digital games business in an updated executive statement on the publisher’s investor website. In his message, Tsujimoto talks about the many benefits of digital, including how it allows Capcom to bypass brick-and-mortar retailers altogether. “We have begun a time of fantastic innovation in the game industry due to the Internet,” he said. “Digital downloads over the Internet have become widely adopted as a new sales channel within the game industry. And due to greater efficiencies, such as reduced physical inventory as well as lower production costs and, last year saw progressive improvements in profitability across the industry as a whole.”

Selling games directly to consumers without a middleman like GameStop or other physical retailers may prove to be an “enormous business chance,” Tsujimoto said.
“What’s more, digital download sales have expanded sales opportunities for us on two fronts. The first was by giving users the ability to purchase games from the comfort of their homes without ever setting foot in a store,” he explained. “Being able to bypass physical distribution and sell games directly to users–especially in the regions where retail outlets hold so much power–should prove to be an enormous business chance.

“Additionally, consumers in the US and Europe spend a good deal of time at home, where they enjoy downloadable movies, television shows, and digital books during their free time on the weekends. I believe our second big chance comes from games now being included as one of those downloadable options for spending free time.”

Tsujimoto went on to say that being late in catching the “massive wave of growth” that is the digital game business “could be fatal.” As such, Capcom has adjusted its development structure, as well as marketing and promotional activities, to “face this revolutionary change are the key to victory in the game industry.”

“I believe next year will be one where we step up to the challenge of exceptional growth; a great year in which we can provide joy, emotion, and the fun of games to people the world over via Capcom’s titles and services,” he said.

Source: Gamespot