Following the reveal of its financial results for the season last week, Capcom is setting a lot of high hopes on its forthcoming Biohazard: Resident Evil 7.

The company has noted that it intends to “go on the offensive with a global release of multiple major titles,” including both Biohazard and its forthcoming Dead Rising 4, which debuts in December on Xbox One and Windows 10. Capcom intends to sell four million copies of Biohazard and just two million of Dead Rising 4, according to the report. Monster Hunter XX is also high on its expectation list, clocking in at two million.

The publisher certainly hopes to bounce back following slightly disappointing sales of Street Fighter V, which have just totaled 1.4 million copies – well short of the two million it originally estimated. Of course, a lot of fans have been complaining about the game’s incomplete structure upon release, but Capcom has been adding new content to make up for this mistake, including new fighters like Urien and Ibuki.