Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto has revealed plans to expand the company’s internal game development team, hiring “at least” 100 new developers annually over the next five years.

“I want to build a development framework that can put the right people in the right places,” said Tsujimoto in a statement to shareholders.

Tsujimoto also outlined further goals for the five-year period, including strengthening the company’s downloadable and mobile content, online operations and branding.

“I believe that we have largely completed the framework needed for re-examining development operations and reinforcing marketing strategies,” added Tsujimoto. “Our next objective is to provide to as many people as possible a variety of products that take full advantage of Capcom’s vast amount of content.”

After reporting lower profits in last year’s fiscal report, Capcom announced a shift in company focus from home consoles to mobile and online platforms due to an expected “increasingly mature market of home video games.”