Campus Game Fest Singapore (CGF) is a 3 year initiative spearheaded by the Singapore CyberSports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM), co-organised by the CyberAthlete Professional League (CPL) and produced by Wolong Ventures. Positioned as the biggest internet party for the youth in Singapore, the festival is filled with digital lifestyle activities in the areas of Games, Arts, Media & Edutainment. CGF has the objectives of promoting creativity, innovation and cultivating cyberwellness via a balanced and healthy lifestyle approach for the youth. CGF will once again take place this year at ITE College Central Multi Purpose Hall from the 26th to 28th June 2015 over the course of 3 days and 2 nights. Visitors will be treated to a wide variety of fun filled activities that cover our 4 main categories of Game, Arts, Media & Edutainment.

CGF like to call itself a community focused event, or even a 3 day 2 night gaming party where anyone who calls themselves a gamer can hang out at. To encourage different communities to step up and organise their own activities at our event, Campus Game Fest has put aside about 70% of the floor space at the event for the communities every year. Throwing in Just Play!, a Bring-Your-Own-Computer LAN Party which will last throughout all 3 days into the mix of gaming activities available at the event, we have been aiming to create a positive atmosphere for gamers to socialise and bond outside the virtual world. Our MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Bootcamp aims to help gamers up their game by incorporating the teaching of important life skills like time and stress management and team communication into the 2 day course.

Many of the members of the organising committee of Campus Game Fest were avid gamers and some still are. Take Dennis Ooi, the Operations Director of Campus Game Fest for example. He played competitive Warhammer 4000: Dawn of War, a real-time strategy game akin to the more popular Starcraft. The road to victory for Dennis was not easy as he had to overcome his addiction to the game in his younger days. He proceeded to win several competitions, notably the Asian Grand Finals in 2010 for Dawn of War 2. Despite having several achievements on his belt, Dennis had to give up on his pro-gaming dreams because he felt that gaming would not be ideal in the long run.

In celebration of the SG50 jubilee year, 5 local game companies have developed unique mobile games that encompass the style and spirit of Singapore. Campus Game Fest is proud to be the first event to showcase these 5 titles.


Campus Game Fest made its debut in 2013 and is now in its third year. The festival has been held at the ITE College Central campus for the past 2 years and will continue its stint there this year. The word “GAME” in the name of the event actually represents 4 different areas that we hope to support in Singapore. Namely, G – Game, A – Arts, M – Media, E – Edutainment. This article is the last in a 4 part series in relation to GAME.

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