The Open Beta for the new Asian fantasy MMORPG ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds is live, Webzen, Korean developer and publisher of free-to-play MMO games, announced today.

ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds is a classic fantasy MMORPG with gameplay that offers an essential MMORPG experience, combining traditional features such as customizable attributes and server-first achievements with modern comforts like a group finder and automatic matchmaking.

asta Webzen 1For the first time since the Initial Beta test in November 2015, the ASTA servers are now open once again allowing everyone to join without any restrictions. Webzen has implemented various gameplay improvements and created a unique MMORPG tailored to Western preferences, including English-voiced characters and improvements to the economy. To support the Open Beta, Webzen has created a 2-week login event, weekend giveaways and various starter packs.

Head of Global Business at Webzen, Richard Moon commented: “We have been delighted with the feedback from players after the Initial Beta for two reasons: Firstly, there has been very positive feedback in all areas of the game, and secondly, we have received excellent suggestions for improvements.”

asta Webzen 2The game offers a wide variety of unique playstyles: Whether you’re looking for action-packed solo PVP play or team-focused group raids, ASTA will deliver. From battlegrounds to daily raids, ASTA is filled with content and ready from the outset. There are 10 unique areas, 3 races and 5 classes available for each of the 2 factions. Engaging quest lines and thrilling adventures will prepare you for raids and guild battles later on.

All players can freely access the Open Beta and check out the first addition of 2016 to the game portal. Players can download the English language Open Beta client on the official ASTA website, dive straight into the game and begin the race to server-first achievements.

Interested players are invited to check out ASTA’s official website

Source: Webzen