A new social app will now be connecting gamers all over the world, thanks to a partnership between digital and online entertainment provider Asiasoft and Pomelo Network. Developer Pomelo Network designed GAMily specifically to help gamers connect, form friendships, and support each other.

The name “GAMily” itself is a combination of the words “gamer” and “family,” so that should tell you what kind of social app Pomelo Network was aiming for. Even before its official launch, GAMily attracted thousands of applicants – from countries such as U.S.A., Britain, Brazil, and Russia – to participate in its beta testing stage.

Thanks to the popularity of games such as “Pokemon Go,” numerous others also found themselves drawn to the app. “Only seven to eight game titles were made available during Beta for testing purposes,” Pomelo Network said.

“However, in just days, our mail box is filled with hundreds of mail requests from test applicants that asked us to create new game categories. So far, hundreds of games are still pending to be open with many of the titles we’ve never even heard of before!” it added.

The GAMily app features a user-friendly interface to facilitate communication between gamers, and comes with a number of social features. Users can create and manage groups dedicated to their favorites gaming titles. They can join group chat rooms to talk about anything gaming-related, from techniques to cheats. Users can also write and post articles, and upload and share their favorite in-game screenshots with friends and guild mates. Like Facebook, GAMily users receive notifications when others like or comment on their posts.

Source: GMA News Online