GungHo Online Entertainment announced that Rovio Entertainment’s wildly popular Angry Birds has returned to GungHo’s mobile gaming juggernaut Puzzle & Dragons in a unique collaboration, featuring Angry Birds Epic, which runs from October 3 – 9.

The collaboration is the second one of its kind between the two smash mobile games. In the first, PaD players were able to capture the members of the original, iconic Angry Birds cast and train them up to join their dungeon-crawling team of monsters. Now, the collab is focusing on Rovio’s relatively new Angry Birds Epic, and RPG-style game based on the ubiquitous franchise.

puzzle-dragon-1In the upcoming collaboration, PaD players will have access to two dungeons, one in which players can capture the original Angry Birds characters and one in which players can fight and obtain the fantasy-inspired models from Angry Birds Epic. The original Angry Birds characters will also be upgraded with new Awoken skills for players to unlock.

In this two clash of iOS giants, you’ll be able to play new dungeons in Puzzle & Dragons featuring characters from the Angry Birds Epic freemium adventure, and also battle against the Royal Guard Pig in the special themed level that is available to try from today until the rest of the week. While it’s awesome to see a series that has originated from mobile gaming join Final Fantasy and Batman in being featured in a Puzzle & Dragons event, it is a bit strange to see Angry Birds Epic – which originally released back in 2014 – being the iteration that is used, rather than a newer spin-off title.