Android mobile operating system

According to a year-end report from app analytics firm Distimo, Google Play Android app revenues led in Korea and Japan this year, two of the three fastest growing mobile game markets worldwide.

In China, the third rapidly expanding market in the group, Android games also led by a wide margin, though sales were chiefly via domestic app stores not tracked by Distimo.

The report also reveals that the top 200 Android apps are currently grossing US$12 million per day worldwide, up from US$3.5 million last year, with freemium apps now accounting for 98 per cent of all revenues, up from 89 per cent in 2012.

According to Distimo, seven of the top ten selling Google Play titles in 2013 were also on messaging apps from Japan’s Line and Korea’s KakaoTalk.

As reported earlier, Android was the operating system on 81 per cent of smartphones sold across the globe in the third quarter this year, according to a study by analyst firm IDC. Worldwide smartphone shipments also rose 39.9 per cent year-on-year for the period.

Korean mobile device manufacturer Samsung gained the largest market share in the quarter, with 39 per cent of all Android smartphones shipped globally.