China today is quite different from a decade ago. Nowadays game show is more like a paradise for young people, full of joy. People now tend to express their feelings than ever. This is why we named it ChinaJoy originally.” said Mr. Shawn Luan, Vice President of Howell International Trade Fair Ltd., the organizers of ChinaJoy, when he was interviewed by the Discovery Channel. As one of China’s largest and most influential exhibitions, ChinaJoy has struggled through 12 years of hardships and frustrations that only few people know about.

Yet, ChinaJoy overcomes its difficulties each year and showcases developments and breakthroughs in the game world. Its scale growing ever bigger in size and scope. The expo breaks records by showcasing a variety of electronic entertainment. The number of exhibitors at ChinaJoy 2014 reached over 500, originating from over 30 countries. They all showed off their latest products, which resulted in an estimated revenue of $250 million, according to preliminary statistics. Just imagine what new surprises are in store when this year’s show kicks off by the side of Huangpu River, Shanghai.

Statistics show that ChinaJoy 2014’s 250,224 visitors included 50,000 industry professionals from nearly thirty different countries and 3,000 media journalists – making it one of the largest expos in history. ChinaJoy 2015 expects to see these kinds of figures and more. Expo halls are being adjusted and expanded with equipment to better provide matchmaking for exhibitors. Furthermore, ChinaJoy 2015 will strengthen the capabilities of its business platform to best meet the commercial needs of game-related enterprises.

2014 saw explosive growth of China’s mobile game market. More than 500 million users playing mobile games that year, marking a 62.3 percent growth in mobile game subscribers. As of November 2014, the number of mobile game online users reached 504 million – an increase nearly 2 million from the end of 2013. This momentum is likely to continue in 2015. At the same time, we also saw increase in new online products, and the Pan-entertainment market practiced by a number of leading enterprises helped renew enthusiasm for already hot IP transactions. ChinaJoy 2015 business focus will be on high-quality IP negotiations and cooperation, mobile game exhibitions and peripheral activities.

Although the mobile game sector has grown rapidly, it has not yet overtaken the traditional client-end game market, which currently remains stable. From January to November 2014, the mobile game market share rose while the share of client-end online game market dropped. As of November 2014, its share decreased to 53.3 percent, while the mobile game’s share increased to 33%. However, although client-end online game’s share has decreased, it was still the major player in 2014’s game market. The mobile game was unable to replace it.

In addition to ensuring both domestic and foreign client-end games are showcased, ChinaJoy 2015 will add a thematic hall for the newly emerging living-room entertainment center, which includes console games, smart TV hardware, VR devices, and more of the latest gaming technologies for players to experience.

Every year, as ChinaJoy concludes, media and observers point out and discuss the show’s successes and faults. But comments grow more positive each year, and more concentrated on the games industry or specific games. The Discovery Channel’s show, “How China Works” sums it up best: “ChinaJoy is an embodiment of Chinese cultural creativity and self-expression, and an evidence of China’s booming throughout these years. The event annually attracts more than 200,000 players to Shanghai New International Expo Center who look for popular games, advanced digital technologies and the latest entertainment apps. Here, technology has given youngsters a wider platform for performance.”

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