37Games, a Chinese top 30 internet company, recently acquired SNK Playmore, one of the most renowned Japanese game companies. Now 37Games has started its overseas investing plan called “Rising Dragon,” investing 100 million dollars in game studios all over the world to expand its worldwide market share. While the company is keeping quiet on which exact markets and studios it is interested in, there are reasons to believe that 37Games will keep focusing on markets it is already established in. These mainly include English-speaking countries and European markets like Germany, Turkey and Spain. Their focus for studios may well be on small sized start-up teams, which often feature young but creative minds.

3737Games starting in 2012 and climbed to an impressive position in the global browser game industry. Its market share in some established browser game markets like Korea and Thailand has already climbed to the number 3 position. The Company’s “Rising Dragon” plan is to globalize its brand and localize its games in more countries. Furthermore, 37Games founder and President Mr. Li Yi Fei takes it as the company’s mission. He understands that the influence of Chinese culture in the Western world is still far from being significant, and games, as a carrier of culture, can be a breakthrough medium. Cooperating with exemplary local game developers, 37Games intends to publish an ever increasing amount of quality games bearing the cultural imprints of China for Western audiences. Its next work is likely to be a browser game adapted from The Monkey King 2, a movie due to be released during the Chinese New Year.

According to its semi-annual report 2015, 37Games is a leading company among Chinese A-share game companies with a total revenue of 1.96 billion RMB.

Source: 37Games